We are a small Slovak game studio and we are focused on a mobile platform. Games have been always our passion, so we decided to move from casual gamers to game development. Our domain is 2D games of all genres. One of the main reasons why we focus on the 2D game genre is that we grew up on it. Our games may not have triple-A audiovisual processing, but we always maintain minimalist and pleasant design with suitable and catchy functionalities. We develop various games from arcades through action games to strategies, and we design them to be entertaining. During the development, we test the games and we do it in three testing rounds. In the very first round, we test the idea and interest in the game. The functionality of mechanics and their entertainment is tested in the second round. The last third round of testing is focused on the game as a whole. Our games contain monetizing and advertising elements, but always in reasonable measure because we don't want to spoil the gameplay and dishearten the players from the gaming. We think that games should be released when they are finished, therefore we try to release the games when they are finalized because we realize that constant updates are disruptive for the players. We are truly happy and thankful for every single player that finds our games appealing and entertaining. We will keep on trying to develop quality games and progress with our passion and skills to a higher level. We thank you for playing our games and we wish you good luck, long-lasting battery life, and of course the highest score and achievements! Start playing right now.